Mixer Farrel F270 4-Wing Banbury for Sale

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Farrel 1 F270 270 Liter Litre Tangential 4-Wing Mixer
One (1) Rebuilt Farrel F270 Banbury Rubber Mixer, 4-wing tangential rotors; direct drive; 270 liter net chamber volume; GE Motor 1500 HP @ 1200RPM input, 2300V, Frame 84095; Farrel 28.8:1 unidrive heavy duty gearbox with 2625hp service rating, hydraulic hopper, hydraulic unit, rack and pinion door actuator, lubrication panel, approximately 14 week delivery

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Combining diverse materials to produce a smooth compound can be a challenging process. Consider, for example, how widely degrees of hardness can vary in different materials.  On some mixers, the rotor blade that works effectively for one kind of material may not work as well for another kind of material. Yet uniformity of texture and distribution is critical to the successful mixing of a rubber compound. So how do you allow for divergent materials and still achieve a smooth result?


Soberay and Sons has the answer. Our new unused F270 Banbury rubber mixer is designed to meet the challenge of cutting, combining, and mixing materials of low to high hardness. This Farrel rubber mixer represents a major improvement over older rubber mixing machinery. The F270 Banbury mixer has an enhanced chamber, or mixer hopper, that holds up to 246 liters. The steep angle of hopper door also makes it easier to add rubber and other materials into the mixer.


In addition, the four-wing rotor system makes for a smoother mix, as each wing has its own specific function. Now it’s easier to introduce polymers into the mix without damaging their attributes.  It’s also easier to disperse the various materials evenly throughout the mix. With the Farrel brand F270 Banbury rubber mixer, every step of the mixing process is quality controlled.


Click on the item number below to see several different perspectives of the Farrel rubber mixer. As you will see, this product is in pristine condition. This is an excellent opportunity to obtain unused rubber production equipment at a discount.  The F270 Banbury mixer offers several benefits:

   •   It achieves advanced mixing of a wide array of materials.

   •   It delivers excellent bond ratios and uniform polymer bonding.

   •   It’s easy to clean and maintain.

   •   It offers new machinery quality at a used-machinery price.